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Recently it’s been hard for me to connect to people.I know why. It’s because

1. I’m going quantity rather than quality

2. Shallow people like me and i like them back

3. The people i do want to know better are already established in their friend groups(wtf even is this..just a thought? dumb.)

In other words i’m being shallow when it comes to talking to people. I want to tell them about myself when i really just need to listen. You can’t know people by talking about yourself. I know my story. People that want to know it can hear it but i don’t need to tell everyone. I am not an open book even if you can read every expression on my face.

I could listen to Consoom- FTSE literally on repeat for hours. Nothing is working. Did you get what you wanted at all?

Not really.

I want to be connected to someone and not feel distanced from my “friends” through a fucking screen. “Everybody just drinks and does drugs and fucks to escape it.”

I’m past being social awkward, that’s when i was 15. I passed my social anxiety at the beginning of college. And now this social indifference needs to disappear. I always say i love/hate people. But who the fuck am i talking about. Who do i really know but myself.

Not saying i want to know someone like i know myself..which is still a stretch, i just want to have a mutual fucking relationship where im not trying to show my value to people by trying to impress them with the things i’m capable of . FUCK. Fuck, man. My heart is pounding out my chest because i want to be genuine again..

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It’s been a while.

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Fall 2014 Editor’s Pick
Opens today, Sept 4, 1-6p:

Made for Whites by Whites” and “Rescue
 Nick Cave
Jack Shainman Gallery, 513 W20th St., NYC
Jack Shainman Gallery, 524 W24th St., NYC

On view at 524 West 24th Street will be Cave’s body of work Rescue. The series comprises sculptures that incorporate found ceramic dogs sitting on furniture within elaborate grottos or dreamlike dens. Dogs have historically been associated with loyalty, class, breed, commitment, and protection. In the Rescues, Cave focuses on a single canine that has quite literally been rescued from destruction, very much like an adopted pet. These dogs become the benevolent guardians of their self-contained worlds, focusing the spotlight on the forgotten and discarded. Many of the works included in Made for Whites by Whites, on view at 513 West 20th Street, have formal similarities to the Rescues in that central found objects are presented within elaborate armatures built up with items from Cave’s familiar lexicon of ceramic birds and flowers, porcelain fruit, and copies of Capodimonte. However, the content is quite different. In Made for Whites by Whites, racially charged historical objects anchor the works such as the stereotypical representation of a black man with dark skin, big red lips, and white eyes in Untitled, 2014, or the Golliwog costumed mannequin in King of the Hill, 2014. These were once commonplace caricatures that infantilized and dehumanized the African American population. This project began when Cave found a container at a flea market shaped like the head of a black man and labeled ‘Spittoon.’ - thru Oct 11

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Anonymous asked: The face of a woman who's lost everything, but doesn't know she has the world at her fingertips



And that’s why the world is at her fingertips. Because she has nothing left to lose.

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Mada’in Saleh - Modern Saudi Arabia - built between 100 BC - 100 AD

Built by the Nabataean Kingdom prior to Roman annexation, these series of tombs were abandoned by the time Islam became predominant in the region.

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this never fails to make me laugh, even when i’m in a bad mood

I literally can’t stop laughing


this never fails to make me laugh, even when i’m in a bad mood

I literally can’t stop laughing

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